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Complete Amenities

Elegance Health Centre is complete with amenities to give you a wonderful experience every time you visit. With unlimited website access plan, our members can have unlimited access to our sauna, equipment, shower, and express massage therapy (30 mins of massage per day). The package also includes your own designated locker. With Elegance Health Centre, you can achieve your fitness goal and relaxation at the same time.

Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Coaching

Elegance Health Centre has a wide list of fitness experts. Our coaches will work with you to achieve your fitness goal. They will regularly follow up with you to guide and encourage you until you become fully independent with your fitness journey. We have discovered that fitness is a state of mind. It’s about knowing what you want and know where you are going. Hire a personal fitness and get offers & coupons on your monthly membership fee and get extra 20 off clearance.

Food Planning Services

Our body is unique for each person. We follow your body type in curating a food plan specifically designed to give you more energy while losing weight. So far, we there three digestion types and they are protein and fat efficient, carbohydrates efficient, and mixed.

The benefits of Signing Up for the Program

More energy to do what you have to do within the day.
No extreme diet.
Lose weight without gaining them back.
Long-term results.
Easy-to-follow food plan
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On-site Therapeutic Massages

For all our members who signed up for unlimited access will also get a 30-minute massage for relaxation after a workout. Our therapist is trained to relieve your muscles from stress and do massage techniques that promote blood circulation to your body.